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Dave Kohlmeyer


Dave Kohlmeyer, a certified public accountant, lends his 33 years of banking experience to enhance The Business Bank's performance and to assist its clients. Dave's expertise in planning, accounting, regulatory compliance and economics have proved to be quite valuable to the Bank as well as to the Bank's clients. A graduate of UW-Milwaukee, Dave has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with a Major in Accounting.

Dave's extracurricular activities in industry specific organizations include the Wisconsin Institute of CPAs and the Financial Managers Society. In his spare time he serves as an active member and past president of the Neenah Rotary Club, a club dedicated to the Rotary ideal of service above self.

In his free time Dave spends time outdoors where he enjoys biking, cross country skiing and golfing. He lives in the valley with his wife and is a proud father of two.

Why Dave chose The Business Bank:

"I chose The Business Bank for its drive to provide better client service and the ability to create financial products and services that better meet the needs of our clients. The Management Team of The Business Bank, myself included, have all worked at larger financial institutions that we felt lacked the ability to provide a high level of personal service. With The Business Bank we are able to serve our clients' needs directly because there is no multi-layered bureaucracy so prevalent with the larger financial institutions."