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Board of Directors

Michael R. Reese
Retired Chairman
Pierce Manufacturing, Inc


Board Of Directors

Stanley W. Baehman
Retired President
Langstadt Electric Supply
Company and Kurz Electric Service

Martin J. Bonneson
Bonntech International, Inc. and New London Engineering, Inc.

Rick Dercks
Investment Advisor:
David Gitter
Former President of the northeast region of M&I Marshall and Ilsley Corporation

Bill Hodgkiss
President & CEO
The Business Bank

Robert E. Matzke
Financial Services of Northeast Wisconsin

Dennis G. Wojahn
Former Partner
Virchow, Krause & Co., LLP

Green Bay Advisory Board

Beverly French
Former Owner
Orde Sign and Graphics

Charles Martin            

Steve Nooyen
Founder and President
We Care Senior Care, Inc. dba Home Instead
Senior Care
Jason Wied
Lin.Liebmann.Wied, LLC
Attorneys at Law

John VerBoort
Advance Industrial Machine & Midwest Sheet Metal

Dennis Wojahn
Former Partner 
Virchow, Krause & Co, LLP