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About Us

The Business Bank was formed in 1999 to serve the financial needs of locally owned and operated businesses and their owners.


The founders of the Bank Holding Company, Fox River Valley Bancorp, Inc., believed there was a need for a locally owned and managed bank that exclusively serviced locally owned and operated businesses.  They solicited and obtained the needed capital to start the Bank with 65 local investors who shared the same vision and the Bank was formed in Appleton WI.  The Bank's niche market approach has been well received by businesses across the New North and in 2007 our Green Bay location was added.

Our focus on business banking allows us to provide the highest level of service in our market. The Business Bank's low client to employee ratio enables us to provide unmatched personalized, responsive and efficient service.  We also provide daily courier deposit pick up, we bring the Bank to our clients.

The Business Bank has never wavered from the original approach of serving local businesses and their owners and has now grown to $252 million in total assets.  Please contact us if you are interested in finding out why so many businesses have switched to The Business Bank. We think there is a better way of business banking, and we think you’ll agree.

 Why Choose The Business Bank?

  • We put businesses and their owners first
  • Local bankers for local businesses
  • Daily courier deposit pick up
  • Beneficial cash management products
  • Fast Turnaround
  • No committee layers
  • No need to call other cities for approval
  • Custom underwriting
  • Real, non-automated, customer service
The Business Bank was designed from the ground up with your business in mind.